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I make heroine 3D art some of which includes perilous or erotic scenarios. If that doesn't bother you, come right on in. Otherwise, this may not be the page for you.

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Freaky Deaky

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 5:37 PM
I was recently asked if I go further with my stories since they usually seem to stop when it seems like it is about to turn "fun" aka about to turn sexual. True, I have been stopping the stories right as the "fun" looks like it will start. I really haven't done too much risque work. I have always focused on action more. Not really familiar with the more sexual aspects of 3D storytelling. I dunno, makes me wonder if it is just something that doesn't appeal to me or just something I am just not really good at making.

I don't frown upon sexual art. I just.. dunno, don't go there often. Sure I have had moments of it in my gallery but mostly my work is more peril/action based. I have done some private commissions but not really anything major.

Personally, I likes my freaky deaky. I gets my freaky deaky on. She will either be leaving my house with a 2 mile smile on that face of hers or filing a restraining order on me. For up to 2 miles. So it's not like I am a prude. Far from it. Hell, I'm thriving at a site called Deviant!

Hipcomix is more lenient than DA is so I may go a bit further there as far as Risque art. The current story Assault on the academy has had lots of T & A in it so far. More like an 80's action movie. The story has bombs, explosions, tits and ass and cheesy one lines. Yeah thats's it. I'm a cheesy 80's director at heart! Maybe! Who knows. I like action, peril, titties. Let a shrink figure this all out cuz I sure as shit don't have a clue what's going on in this rotted, beef jerky filled head.

Adios, Aloha and Sayonara mah Broskies and Lady Lasses!

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The Texas Buck Stallion. I like playing pool, getting into bar fights and spinning round in circles til I puke!

Smartass by Day. Man Stud by night. I love my ladies in spandex and my whiskey in bottles. Like it, leave it, llama it!

You just Gained Super Powers. Would you... 

61 deviants said Use them for good! Save the world!
48 deviants said Become a merc for hire. Yay capitalism!
32 deviants said Become a villain and cause mayhem!
13 deviants said What? I don't want that responsibility!


20 dollar commissions. You can order a scene up to 3 people in any scenario your imagination can conjure up and it will be made in a 2000x2000 high quality photo for you to enjoy. One of the best rates and from one of the best 3D guys on DA (I mean Me!!) The usual time allowed to make a picture is about 4 weeks but no worries, I usually work faster and you could be getting pics sooner, the 4 weeks is just a guideline to let you know how long a commission can be. Also, I take weekends off, so only bug me weekdays about commissions. Payments are to paypal.

Snootch ala nootch!


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Fire & Frost Death Trap Image Contest

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Who has the most twisted mind…Bound Death Trap image include both my OC’s Fire and Frost and a villain or villains of your choice

See my group page for contest information

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